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Crests & Monograms

Crests & Monograms

FROM $400

Whether you're looking to incorporate a crest into your wedding design or are looking for an heirloom piece to commemorate a new baby, mark your wedding, or celebrate a milestone anniversary, crests and monograms are a beautiful way to celebrate! 

When designing your crest, we'll work together to choose the perfect florals and icons to represent your personalities and love story, so it's perfectly unique to you. Once your design is finished, you can use it on cocktail napkins, drink ware, corn hole boards, swizzle sticks, wedding party totes... the sky's the limit! 

A standard crest design includes:

Monogram and shield

Up to six icons

A date

Florals and greenery

8"x10" signed print

Available upgrades:

11"x14" print - add $50

Include digital file and unlimited personal license- add $150

Include vector file and unlimited personal license- add $150

Elements of a Monogram

Depending on your style, elements can be mixed, matched, and customized to blend into your unique aesthetic. Don't see anything you love here? Let me know and we'll brainstorm some new options! 




Please note that these examples are for shapes only - your customized design will feature your own florals, greenery, and icons.



Emily Post states very specific uses for each monogram type; you can either stick with tradition, or you can throw that rule book

right out the window and do what you want! 

Lisa + Neil Crest


This can either be a first initial or your married last name initial. 


Often, double letter monograms will include you and your sweetheart's first name initials, either intertwined, joined with an ampersand, or stacked. 

M+M Crest.jpg
K+J Crest 5.30.18.jpg


These monograms will feature your last name as the largest letter in the center, and either a smaller first name initial on the left and middle name on the right, or you and your sweetheart's first name initials on either side. 


Shown below are Lionhead's standard hand-lettered monogram fonts, but if you have something specific in mind that you don't see here, further customizations are available.





Placing Your Order

To place your order, please contact me with information about what kind on crest or monogram you would like - standard monograms include: 

We will discuss what kind of florals to feature (either your favorites or stems from your bridal bouquet), as well as any icons you would like included - these

can include activities, pets, locations, etc. - and any additional information your would like added, for example, a ribbon with your wedding date. 

After determining the the final monogram, icons, palette, and style, and I will sketch out a few designs for you to choose from (usually, three options). From there we will refine the design with up to three rounds of edits, and then paint! A custom crest or monogram usually takes 2-3 weeks for completion (depending on level of complexity and time of year!), and please make sure to plan for shipping time as well! 

The Fine Print

Please note that your final crest or monogram piece will be a digital print rather than original watercolor - as much as I would love to be able to provide you the original, I paint each flower and icon individually, and calligraph on a large-scale to ensure legibility on your final product. You may also purchase a high resolution JPEG, PDF, and PNG to use however you'd like! Please do note that these files are only intended for personal use and cannot be used commercially. If you would also like a vector file to use for foil printing, we can provide that file as well at an additional cost.

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