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Process & Timeline

Turnaround time is usually 6-8 weeks for a wedding invitation suite and 2-3 weeks for a custom art commission,

depending on design complexity and print process.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


When you reach out to me, we'll set up a time to meet in person or chat over the phone to talk about all your hopes and dreams for your project. At this initial consultation, we'll discuss design themes, printing processes, paper colors, project scope, and so much more! Once we determine the direction of your project, I'll send you a project quote and we'll finesse the deliverables as needed to match your budget. 


After we iron out the quote details, I'll provide you with a custom mood board including a color palette, font options, inspiration images, and a preliminary sketch or mockup design of your project. We'll then review and refine the details until we create a concept you love! (If we're working on a wedding invitation suite, we'll usually start with the invitation card first and then design all the coordinating collateral to match next.) At this point, you will send me all of your language as you would like it to appear in your designs - if you need help finessing any wording or need suggestions, we can work together to land on the right mix of tradition, personality, and required info. 


Once our concept is finalized and you send me all of your design language, we begin creating and digitizing the artwork we'll use to design your custom stationery! I'll send you progress updates along the way and we'll work together to make adjustments as needed. After we've determined your concept, three rounds of revisions are included in your design fee, but further revisions are available at an additional cost. Once everything is complete, you'll receive proofs for printing approval where you'll check for full accuracy - please note that once you send me back your signed proof approval form, we are no longer able to make any edits (a downside to outsourcing printing is that we're at the mercy of the printers once I send them the files - when they begin work, we're committed!).


All of your perfect, beautiful, final artwork is sent to print, and all we do is wait! (Usually for one to two weeks, depending on print processes.) Generally we'll send you all of the final pieces individually for you to assemble yourself, but if you opt to have us assemble, we'll take care of all the stuffing, stamping, sealing, tying, and paper cuts for you. Once everything is packed up and ready to go, we'll FedEx the pieces to you to sign, seal, and deliver!

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