Saving the World

Keeping the world in good shape is a constant group effort, so it's up to all of us to protect our most important natural resources in as many ways as we can, and as often as we can! We use a LOT of paper in this industry, so Lionhead Design is here for all the beautiful, creative ways we can lessen our environmental footprint without losing the beauty we're all looking for. 


Lionhead Design is committed to working consistently towards sourcing the most beautiful sustainable inks, papers, and packaging on this wonderful planet, and our paper products are always 100% recyclable. Win-win-win.


We've partnered with OneTreePlanted to plant a tree with every stationery order - honestly, we need trees to make so much of the paper we use for invitations, so it only makes good business sense.


For every pet portrait sold, 10% goes (in your fur-baby's name) directly to the CT Humane Society to help place adoptable critters, provide needed medical care, and prevent animal cruelty.  



An unexpected number of art supplies are remarkably un-furry-friend-friendly, but we research long and hard to make sure Lionhead supplies are bunny, bee, and calf approved!